Business Meetings play crucial roles in business development, marketing, and relationship-building. We provide opportunities for businesses to showcase their products or services, connect with potential clients and partners, and explore new markets. Whether through physical events like exhibitions or virtual interactions, these activities contribute to the growth and expansion of businesses in various industries.

Buyer-Seller Meet

This is an event where buyers and sellers come together to discuss business transactions. It provides a platform for potential business partners to interact, negotiate, and establish business relationships.

Inbound Business Delegation

India Policy Peak(IPP) organizes Buyer-Seller Meetings in association with Govt. of India, Industry Associations, Overseas Chambers of Commerce and trade promotion bodies. These Buyer-Seller Meetings comprise of overseas business delegations visiting India and Indian businesses who wish to meet delegates individually. IPP organizes one-to-one meetings between overseas business delegates and interested Indian participants.

Any Indian business may meet one or more overseas business delegate(s) individually. Please select any upcoming business meeting and click at 'Participate' button to register yourself for buyer-seller meeting

Overseas Business Delegation

IPP regularly organizes business to business (b2b) meetings, seminar, industry visit & exhibition in different countries throughout the year in association with Govt. of India, foreign chambers of commerce, industry association, global trade promotion agencies and several bilateral & multilateral institutions. IPP organizes specific one-to-one meetings between overseas companies and visiting Indian delegates with the help of the foreign counterparts.

Any Indian company may participate in such delegations and successfully explore potential overseas market. To join this initiative, please select any upcoming delegation and fill up brief registration form.

Virtual Meeting

A virtual meeting is a gathering of people who interact with each other through digital means, such as video conferencing or online collaboration tools. Virtual meetings are increasingly common for businesses with global or remote teams.


An exhibition is an organized presentation or display of products, services, or information. Businesses often participate in exhibitions to showcase their offerings, network with potential clients, and stay updated on industry trends.

Business Enquiries

Business Enquiries displays business leads posted by visitors and subscribers of IPP as also from Internet sources. You can view details of trade lead and other details of concerned buyer/seller by sending email to us.